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You can create Test Questions individually by using the Test Question interface (shown below), or in bulk via a data file. One test question will be included in each page in your job by default.

Fig. 4: Creating test questions in the test question interface

Note: You can save more than one response for each question in the job.

When creating Test Questions, you should absolutely ensure that you have accounted for all possible correct responses. Otherwise, you risk penalizing quality contributors who submit acceptable responses. A Test Question reason will be displayed when a contributor misses a Test Questions row, helping to train contributors. Visit the How-to Create Test Questions article to learn how to create Test Questions and the Test Question Best Practices article explains the characteristic of great test questions.

After you have created Test Questions and are confident they are accurate, you will need to calibrate the settings for the job.

Click on Settings in the right navigation sidebar and be sure to designate the number of rows you would like on each of your pages. This is the number of rows that a contributor must complete before they are paid. Try to refrain from a high number of rows per page, as this can lead to contributor fatigue, negatively impacting accuracy.

Designate the amount per page you wish to pay. There are no minimums when setting pay, but note that contributors will not agree to work on your job if the pay is too low. Running jobs on Figure Eight is often an iterative process. You may need to adjust pay several times when starting a project.

Specify the number of judgments you would like to collect for each row under the Judgments tab. You will likely need to collect a minimum of 3 judgments and no more than 7 judgments per page.

Fig. 5: Calibrating your job

When you have adjusted your settings appropriately, click Launch on the left navigation panel. From this page, you can also specify the number of rows from your entire dataset you would like to order. You will be prompted with the cost of the job you wish to run and an option to add credits if you lack sufficient funds in your account to cover the amount displayed.


Fig. 6: Launch your job

From the moment you launch your job, you can use the dashboard on the Monitor page to check on the status of your job and quantify the number of judgments rendered. Judgments on each row can be further segmented into trusted and untrusted judgments – those judgments that have been submitted by trusted or untrusted contributors.

Note: By default, a contributor must see a certain number of Test Questions before the system evaluates his or her accuracy. This number is set by the number of Rows per Page. Contributors who have seen that many Test Questions and whose accuracy falls below 70% will be removed from the job and their judgments will be discarded and converted to untrusted. Only trusted judgments (from contributors with an accuracy of 70% or higher) will be included in the job's results.

Fig. 7: Monitor the status of your job

Swift and Luke Walsh
Organize a Hackathon
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How do you throw a truly epic hackathon? In this post, we’re going to walk you through some of the things that helped make one of the MLH team’s favorite new events, BoilerMake, a huge success.

If you’re not already familiar with it, BoilerMake is Purdue University’s hackathon. They threw their first event this past Spring season and they have another event coming up in the Fall. Luke Walsh is a member of BoilerMake’s UX Committee and the official MC.

0. Get the basics right

Generally speaking, there are 5 things you need to organize a hackathon – a venue, food, power, wifi, and people. Getting those things right is core to having a successful event.

BoilerMake spent $5,000 improving the venue’s wifi and brought in their school’s IT department to help design the hardware layout.

Pro-tip. You should always lean toward having extra food and you should have an emergency budget in case you run out. More than one hackathon has been saved by a 2am Costco run.


Pro-tip. Work with a local homeless shelter to donate any leftovers. They’ll probably even send people to pick it up!

Throwing the largest possible hackathon has become a badge of honor among hackathon organizers. Even though they could have easily housed all 900 applicants, the BoilerMake organizers decided to cap the event at 400 (which was the capacity of the main gym).

You don’t have to throw the world’s largest hackathon to have a great event. Usually, limiting the size allows you to focus on a higher quality experience for both attendees and sponsors.

Pro-tip. You should always opt for a single large room over a bunch of smaller rooms for hacking space. As a hacker, it’s really easy to call it quits when you get stuck if you’re off by yourself in a random side-room. Being in a huge room with everyone else is an extremely powerful motivational and inspirational factor.

Another thing the BoilerMake organizers did well was positioning the sponsor tables next to the hackers. Having the mentors literally next to the hackers makes it really easy for people to ask them for help and for the sponsors to feel as if they are part of the event.

Charter buses are becoming an increasingly popular method of getting attendees to hackathons. Traditional travel reimbursements can cost up to $200 per attendee, but chartering a 56 passenger bus brings the cost down to around $50 (if you fill every seat).

Knowing this, it’s really easy to go overboard and target schools that are far away. Keep bus trips short and only target schools that are within a 6 hour driving distance from your event. BoilerMake easily filled 7 charter buses from regional schools alone (UIUC, Rose-Hulman, University of Chicago, Ohio State, UW-Madison, Michigan, Iowa).

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